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Driven by a desire to offer comprehensive services and collaborate with like-minded individuals, Amanda has joined forces with a panel of talented young entrepreneurs in similar fields. Together, they have built a network of trusted professionals who bring their collective knowledge and expertise to How to Style's clients. This collaboration ensures that clients benefit not only from Amanda's expertise but also from the diverse perspectives and innovative ideas of the entire team.

How to Style redefines vacation rental design one project at a time. By embracing collaboration and leveraging the combined knowledge of the team, they deliver exceptional results that surpass expectations and set new industry standards.

In the dynamic world of design and hospitality, Amanda's vision has positioned How to Style as a trusted name in vacation rental design. Their commitment to excellence, combined with a shared dedication to continuous learning and growth, ensures that clients receive top-notch service and unparalleled designs.

Clients can rest assured that their vacation rental properties will be transformed into stunning and unforgettable spaces. By embracing the knowledge and expertise of this trusted panel of professionals, How to Style delivers designs that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on both guests and property owners.
Welcome to How to Style, where Amanda's inspiring journey and the collective brilliance of the team converge to create extraordinary experiences. Let us transform your vacation rental into a haven of style, comfort, and unparalleled allure.

Amanda is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind the success of How to Style, an innovative design company specializing in curated short-term rental designs. This venture branched from her original vacation rental management company, How to Host. With an incredible journey that began as a serendipitous turn of events, Amanda has carved her path in the design and hospitality industry.

Having previously worked as an insurance broker, Amanda made a bold decision to pursue a life change and entered the world of mortgage brokering. While bridging the gap in income to change careers, she moved into her basement suite and rented out the top two floors of her house on Airbnb. It was during this time that she realized the immense potential and fulfillment that designing and managing vacation rentals could bring.

Fuelled by her passion for the industry, Amanda founded How to Host during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the initial hurdles, she persevered and found innovative ways to build and grow the business. Through her dedication and expertise, How to Host became a top-rated luxury vacation rental management brand, renowned for its exceptional service and remarkable results.




Courtney is a visionary force & creative Eco Interior Designer. With a passion for sophistication and an edgy creative flair, Courtney is redefining the world of interior design. Specializing in short-term rentals and serving diverse clientele of investors, homeowners from around the world, and developers across Canada, Courtney has left an indelible mark on the industry.

As a master of imagination, Courtney takes any vision, dream, or idea and brings it to life in awe-inspiring spaces. Her innovative approach and dedication to sustainability intertwine effortlessly, infusing eco-consciousness into each creation.

Behind the avant-garde concepts lies a meticulous mind, honed by a 15 year background in finance, international business, and sales and marketing. Courtney approaches design with a serious and detailed perspective, ensuring that budgets and design elements are flawlessly executed.

Her designs are ones where each space reflects individuality, artistry, and purpose. After 10+ years of her interior design passion being no more than a side-hustle, a few years ago decided to go all in on her dreams and build her own Interior Design Studio and she has been soaring ever since!


Born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Tatianna is an Award-winning interior designer, short-term rental coach and the co-founder of the Level Up Your Listing Summit. With over ten years in marketing and eight years in interior design & real estate, Tatianna has made her mark in many projects including but not limited to vacation rental design, restaurants, residential, and multi-family.

As an interior design tastemaker, she delivers an effortless take on a modern and polished style that perfectly pairs a tailored sophistication in a laid-back setting. With a dedication to building and designing spaces that portray a true reflection of her clients personality and style. Tatianna is always committed to advancing her craft in any form possible.


Kate has been building & designing spaces for 30 years. Her vast understanding & knowledge of the process to complete & curate well designed and functional space, has helped see dozens of projects completed under her leadership & precise detail. Her awareness to current and timeless style offers her clients the confidence to stay & build memories of their own.

As a Yoga teacher, Kate approaches teaching and life with flow & grace. Her designs capture this through seamless flow between all areas with aesthetically pleasing style throughout. You should walk into a space & feel who lives there through thoughtful placement of decor, light & textures.’ Kate

Kate’s years in the industry is done with an incredible amount of detail with a clear vision, & budget always in mind. Light creates magic - let’s do this.


We believe in creating spaces that go beyond ordinary, immersing guests in unforgettable experiences. From the moment they step foot in your vacation rental, we aim to captivate their senses and create a sense of wonder. Through thoughtful design, we shape environments that inspire joy, relaxation, and a true sense of escape.